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Improvement information

Improvement information

Improvement information Improvement information list

V-SFT-5 Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2017/2/1

◆Configuration Software
No Item Description V6 V7 V8
1720A01 Error Check A warning will now be displayed at error check when the number of plot points of a trend graph is larger than the number specified for [X Axis Data Points].
1720A02 Edit model change Fixed the defect:The editor may forcefully be terminated when the screen size is changed at the time of edit model change.
1720A03 Comment Fixed the defect:When multiple comments are copied and pasted at one time, comments registered in subsequent rows are moved down accordingly.
1720A04 MICREX-SX SPH3000MM Fixed the defect:The input/output device memory changes upon transferring the screen program.
1720A05 MICREX-SX SPH3000MM Fixed the defect:When a screen for which input/output device memory is set is displayed, an error (Error Code Received No. 22) may occur.
1720A06 Grid settings Fixed the defect:When a new screen is created from the project view window after changing the grid settings, configured grid settings are not applied to the new screen.
1720A07 Screen background color Fixed the defect:When different background colors are set for each screen and the screen is changed over from the project view window, the screen background color is changed incorrectly.
1720A08 Simulator Fixed the defect:A communication error may occur when the device memory address value is large.
1720A09 Comment Fixed the defect:When a file is saved after comments are imported, some comments may be erased.
1720A10 Garbling of characters Fixed the defect:When Windows font characters are copied from any part and pasted to the message editor, they may get garbled.
1720A11 Real parts Fixed the defect:The transparent setting may not take effect on the real part.
1720A12 Trend Fixed the defect:Numerical values on the trend scale may get blurred.

◆V8 series: System Program
No Item Description Altered Ver.
1720B01 Language changeover Fixed the defect:When the same font is set for the first and second languages, the language cannot be changed over using a switch with the function [Language changeover]. 2.210

◆V8 series: Communication Driver
No Item Description Altered Ver.
1720C01 AB CompactLogix (Ethernet) Fixed the defect:An error (Error Code Received No. FF01) occurs when BOOL-type arrays with different tag names are placed. 1.110
1720C02 Mitsubishi Electric MR-J3-T Fixed the defect:The servo alarm code is not displayed correctly. 1.060
1720C03 Siemens S7-300/400
(Ethernet TCP/IP OP communication)
Fixed the defect:When 2-word data in DB device memory is accessed, the words are read or written with the high/low order inversed. 1.060
1720C04 Siemens
Fixed the defect:When a communication error occurs due to noise, communication may not be recovered even if retried. 1.080
1720C05 RS Automation
X8 Series/X8 Series (Ethernet)
Fixed the defect:When an ST device memory address is indirectly specified using the simulator, a different address is accessed. 1.050
1720C06 Mitsubishi Electric
Q00J/00/01 CPU
Fixed the defect:F device memory cannot be accessed. 1.170
1720C07 Universal serial Fixed the defect:When a WM command is continuously sent from the host and a NAK is frequently received because of a short [Busy Time] setting, the WM command may not be processed even though an ACK is received. 1.130
1720C08 Mitsubishi Electric
FX5U/5UC (Ethernet)
Fixed the defect:A communication error (Time-Out) occurs when an attempt is made to establish Ethernet connection using TCP/IP. 1.190