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FAQ concerning MONITOUCH V8 series
Key word : There is no specification.
Corresponding FAQ is 100

1 Q1 Communication error "Timeout"
2 Q2 Communication error "Error code received"
3 Q3 "Error : XX (XX : XXX)"
4 Q4 "Screen No. Error"
5 Q5 "SIM Communication Error Simulator Not Connected", "Communication error Check I/F driver"
6 Q6 "FONT DATA NOT SETTING" (V7 / V6 series)
7 Q7 "Touch Switch is Active"
8 Q8 "Insert CF Card in Vx" (x: 8 or 7)
9 Q9 "Communication Error Received Code No. 05"
10 Q10 "Receive timeout"
11 Q11 "The port cannot be opened."
12 Q12 "The size is too large to communicate."
13 Q13 "The font file cannot be found."
14 Q14 "The check level is wrong."
15 Q1 Communication between the PLC and the V series is slow.
16 Q2 Communication between the temperature controller and the V series is slow (V7 series).
17 Q3 Pressing the touch switch activates nothing or activates a position that deviates from the switch.
18 Q4 The POWER LED does not light up or flashes.
19 Q5 MONITOUCH does not switch from the RUN screen to the Main Menu screen.
20 Q6 The screen is not switched according to the command from the PLC (external).
21 Q7 Overlap editing is disabled.
22 Q8 When a screen with an overlap display is switched to another and is switched back, the overlap part disappears.
23 Q9 Pressing a switch does not activate anything.
24 Q10 Switches cannot be placed in arbitrary positions.
25 Q11 The lamp lights up even though the bit in the lamp memory is not ON.
26 Q12 Previous numeric data or characters remain in a numerical data display or character display part.
27 Q13 Characters are not displayed in character display parts as intended.
28 Q14 Cannot make entries with a keypad.
29 Q15 Negative values or decimal fractions cannot be entered with a keypad.
30 Q16 When a character entry switch is pressed, the switch name on it disappears.
31 Q17 Trend graphs cannot be displayed.
32 Q18 The data displayed in a trend graph is different from the most recent data in the PLC.
33 Q19 Graphics do not move on an animated screen (in graphic mode or graphic relay mode).
34 Q20 Transparency of a pattern is not effective on an animated screen.
35 Q21 Messages are not displayed in the alarm tracking display.
36 Q22 Vertical lines are drawn in the trend sampling area but disappear.
37 Q23 Pressing the reset switch does not clear history data.
38 Q24 In the alarm tracking display, alarm data is not tracked for the specified number of times.
39 Q25 The Card Format switch (SRAM format) is not effective when pressed.
40 Q26 MONITOUCH does not recognize the CF card.
41 Q27 The time and date is not displayed correctly.
42 Q28 A screen in multiple languages is created; however, the displayed language cannot be switched.
43 Q29 Ladder transfer cannot be performed properly.
44 Q30 Cannot upgrade from the Hakko Electronics website (with Windows XP SP2). 
45 Q1 How to make the screen dark when it is left untouched for a preset time
46 Q2 How to sound a continuous buzzer according to a command from the PLC (external)
47 Q3 How to adjust the brightness of the screen
48 Q10 "System Error xx"
49 Q11 "Battery not set", "Battery voltage drop"
50 Q15 "Editor is occupied by another port"
51 Q16 "Import file is not selected"
52 Q31 The PLC memory address for a part is garbled as "??" or is "blank".
53 Q4 How to copy a screen from one file to another
54 Q5 How to paste the currently displayed screen image into another application like Microsoft Word
55 Q6 How to print screen images with memory addresses displayed on switches, etc. placed on the screen
56 Q7 How to search for memory addresses specified for items used on the screen
57 Q8 How to display overlap parts from the PLC (external)
58 Q9 How to disable switches on the base screen and other overlap parts while an overlap part is displayed
59 Q10 How to hide overlap parts from the screen while editing the base screen
60 Q11 How to overlay one switch on another on the screen
61 Q12 How to change the design of a part placed on the screen
62 Q13 How to limit the values that can be entered through the keypad
63 Q14 How to designate entry targets in which data can be entered
64 Q15 How to set asynchronous display of multiple lines in a trend graph
65 Q16 How to draw reference lines in a trend graph or trend sampling part
66 Q17 How to save sampling data even after turning off power to the V series
67 Q18 How to save sampling data to a CSV file
68 Q19 How to save the sampling data to CSV files by date
69 Q20 How to check whether or not a CF card is recognized
70 Q21 How to store screen data on a CF card
71 Q22  How to read data from a CF card that is inserted in the V series
72 Q23 How to use a CF card with minimal concern for its life or other limitations
73 Q24 How to set (correct) the calendar
74 Q25 How to display screens in foreign languages
75 Q26 How to switch between languages without a CF card
76 Q27 How to check the communication condition between the temperature controller and the V series
77 Q28 How to read or write data between the temperature controller/inverter and the PLC memory or internal memory at regular intervals
78 Q29 How to connect two temperature controllers/inverters from different manufacturers
79 Q30 How to connect to a temperature controller without connecting to a PLC
80 Q31 How to shorten screen data transfer time (with screen data transfer cable: V-CP (serial connection))
81 Q32 How to check the operation of screens without connecting to a PLC
82 Q33 How to replace a former V/GD series model of which production has been ceased with a newest V series model
83 Q34 How to check the number of the screen currently displayed
84 Q35 How to indicate battery trouble of the V series on the PLC side
85 Q36 How to display the PC screen on the V series
86 Q37 How to find or replace text used in screen data
87 Q38 How to assign a function to each function switch
88 Q39 How to make a switch work only when the switch is held down
89 Q40 How to provide a numerical data entry feature using a keypad
90 Q41 How to give headings to CSV files output by sampling
91 Q1 How long will the backlight last? 
92 Q2 Is the backlight replaceable? 
93 Q3 What are the differences between an analog switch and a matrix switch?
94 Q4 Is pressing two switches at the same time allowed?
95 Q5 Required operating system and environment for configuration software "V-SFT"
96 Q1 What PLC models can be connected? 
97 Q2 What temperature controller / inverter models can be connected?
98 Q3 What printers are available? 
99 Q4 What barcode readers are available?
100 Q5 What CF cards are available?