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FAQ concerning MONITOUCH V9 series > Operation Troubles
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Corresponding FAQ is 19

1 Q1. The POWER LED does not light up or flashes.
2 Q2. The V series does not switch from the RUN screen to Local mode.
3 Q3. Overlap editing is disabled.
4 Q4. When a screen with an overlap display is switched to another and is switched back, the overlap part disappears.
5 Q5. Pressing a switch does not activate anything.
6 Q6. The lamp lights up even though the bit in the lamp device memory is not ON.
7 Q7. Pressing the touch switch activates nothing or activates a position that deviates from the switch.
8 Q8. Characters are not displayed in character display parts as intended.
9 Q9. Cannot make entries with a keypad.
10 Q10. Negative values or decimal fractions cannot be entered with a keypad.
11 Q11. The graph of a trend part ([Display Mode: Real Time Display]) is not displayed.
12 Q12. The data for a trend part ([Display Mode: Real Time Display]) differs from the latest data in the PLC.
13 Q13. Messages are not displayed in the alarm tracking display.
14 Q14. Pressing the reset switch does not clear history data.
15 Q15. Alarms are not saved in the alarm history as specified for [Number of Data to Save] in the alarm server settings.
16 Q16. The V series does not recognize the storage device.
17 Q17. The time and date is not displayed correctly.
18 Q18. A screen in multiple languages is created; however, the displayed language cannot be switched.
19 Q19. Ladder transfer cannot be performed properly.