Product information page of Programmable Display TECHNOSHOT Series

Programmable Display “TECHNOSHOT”

TS2000 series

The functions that meet the needs of pro duction sites support the development of speedy production systems.

    Lineup of TECHNOSHOT Series

    The programmable displays in the TECHNOSHOT series are easy-to-see, and have bright TFT color liquid crystal screens.
    A high-resolution display and high-speed response display give TECHNOSHOT panels a high power of expression.

    Feature ≫

    Convenient functions that meet the needs of production sites

    High-level functions, user-friendliness, and dedicated software for remote control.

    Accessories ≫

    Optional units that expand TS functions and user-friendliness

    A variety of optional units for different applications are available.

    Connectable Equipment
    Connectable Equipment ≫

    Compatible with various types of communication drivers

    Compatible with various manufacturers’ PLCs, temperature controllers, inverters, etc.