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Privacy policy

Japanese Private Information Protection Law

(Only for domestic use)

We abide by the following policies for protecting private information in order to secure our customers’
privacy and exclude their concern about their privacy.

Purpose of collecting private information
We collect our customers’ private information for the purpose of providing useful information to them
and improving our customer service.

Usage of private information
We use our customers’ private information for our activities below by means of mails, e-mails, fax, and

  • Sending information about our new products or technical information
  • Invitation to our exhibitions or events
  • Sending our catalogs and other materials
  • Providing after-sale service

Disclosure of private informationWe don’t disclose or provide our customers’ private information to any third party except for the cases below.

  1. When a customer who provided his/her private information agrees to disclose it
  2. When it is deemed necessary to disclose the information so that we or our relevant companies can answer a
    customer’s inquiry.
  3. When required by laws or requests from relevant authorities

Management of private information

  1. We do our best to manage our customers’ private information safely and correctly in order to protect it from
    loss, falsification or leakage.
  2. We are prepared to modify, add, or delete our customers’ private information upon their request. Please
    contact the following website.


Abidance by lawWe abide by all laws or regulations regarding private information, and we will review and improve the above
policies whenever necessary to protect private information.

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