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Component Parts

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Component Parts

In "Component Parts," various functions and macros have been arranged according to purpose. You can create a functional screen instantly by simply selecting a "Component Parts" from the parts list and arranging it on the screen.


Features of Component Parts

01 Easy Screen Configuration

You can create multifunctional screens using integrated "Component Parts." When arranging on a screen that contains other messages or setting windows, a "Component Part" can be used regardless of overlapping of setting or windows.


02 Easy Utilization of Resource

"Component Parts" contain all necessary settings for operation, so they don't need any additional setting when used on other displays. They can be reused simply by copying and pasting.


"Component Parts" can be used on other displays simply by copying and pasting, since all settings are collectively copied.

03 Simple Setting View

After arranging "Component Parts," they can be easily used simply by setting address and text.


04 Batch Change of Addresses/Text

When the same address or text is used for multiple screens, all the settings can be changed simultaneously on the setting view simply by registering it in the address/text table of a "Component Part."


05 Authorization by Passwords

Setting a password for a "Component Part" prevents the settings for the part from being changed by unauthorized persons. Customers can use a "Component Part" without having to worry about tampering of the setting.


06 Various "Component Part"

"Component Parts" with various functions are availlable. They can be selected from the parts list according to your purpose to configure displays promptly.