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Improvement information

The improvement information on V-SFT Ver.5 is published.

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◆Configuration Software
No Item Description V6 V7 TS/
Correction Ver.
2250A01 Allen-Bradley
Changed model names as follows:Changed ""ControlLogix (Ethernet)"" to ""ControlLogix/CompactLogix (Ethernet)"".
Changed ""ControlLogix tag (Ethernet TCP/IP)"" to ""ControlLogix/CompactLogix tag (Ethernet TCP/IP)"".
2250A02 USB Transfer Fixed the defect: USB transfer fails with V-SFT-5 after updating the USB driver with V-SFT Ver.
2250A03 MODBUS RTU Fixed the defect: When MA900/MA901 (MODBUS) of RKC is selected in the MODBUS format settings, an attempt to select an address from a list file for a numerical data display part results in the ""Specify the device address in multiples of 16 plus 1."" and the setting cannot be made.