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Improvement information

Improvement information

Improvement information Improvement information list

V-SFT-5 Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2020/11/9

◆Configuration Software
No Item Description V6 V7 TS/
2070H01 Screen list Fixed the defect: When multiple screens are copied on the [Screen List] tab window and the paste destination is selected using the [Jump] button (Ctrl+G), unintended screens are pasted instead of the selected ones.
2070H02 Windows font Fixed the defect: When a Windows font is deselected on the [Change All Windows Fonts] window displayed from [Tools] -> [Windows Font] -> [Change All], the font size changes such as from 29 pt to 28 pt.
2070H07 Device memory map Fixed the defect: When the logging method uses a device memory map (V8 compatible) but the device memory map that is referenced does not exist, MONITOUCH reboots.
2070H13 Mitsubishi Electric:
FX5U/5UC series
Fixed the defect: When "LAN Unit" is set as the [Target Port No.] and the screen program is closed and opened again, the [Target Port No.] is changed to "LAN (UDP)".
20B0H01 Device memory map Fixed the defect: "Copy" is grayed out and can not be selected when right-clicking a selected line in the device memory map.
20B0H02 Pattern Fixed the defect: The editor is forcefully terminated when error check is executed while pattern data is not present in the?pattern packet.

◆TS/V8 series: System Program
No Item Description Altered Ver.
20A0B01 Local mode screen Fixed the defect: On the TS unit, touch operations in the corners of the screen are not recognized and therefore the Local mode screen cannot be displayed when [Output operation of Write Area (V7 Compatible)] is selected in the [General Setting] tab window and a PLC is not connected. 2.340
20A0B02 System menu Fixed the defect: A communication timeout error may occur if the system menu is displayed on the following model and color combinations:
- V808CH, V8C series, V806 series, TS series with 32K/64K-color modes
- V808CH, V8C series, TS1000/TS1000S, S8 series with 128-color mode
20A0B03 Print Fixed the defect: When the TS1000S series is connected a Siemens "S7-200PPI" at 187.5 Kbps and a serial printer is also connected, communication with the PLC may time out if printing is executed. 2.340