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Improvement information

The improvement information on X1 is published.

Improvement information Improvement information list

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◆HMI Program
Date No. Item Description X1 Version
2021/10/1 21A0L01 Scheduler Fixed the defect: When [Time Settings] is set to [Device] on the [Trigger] tab and a [Start action] is set on the [Action] tab, if the start time is exceeded at the time of a calendar change, the scheduler does not function. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L02 TBL_WRITE macro command Fixed the defect: When the "TBL_WRITE" macro command is executed with respect to a table containing duplicated addresses, the written data differs from that with the V7/V8 series. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L03 GD-80 compatible Fixed the defect: When a GD-80 compatible graphic display command message is used on a message mode (direct block) part, the graphic library is not displayed. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L04 Entry Fixed the defect: When a Yaskawa MEMOBUS ([Transmission Mode] set to [Type 1] (special binary)) is connected, the input cursor remains hidden even when the write enable bit, which prohibits/allows the entry key on an entry part, turns ON. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L05 System device memory Fixed the defect: When [Comm. Error Handling] is set to [Disconnect] and a recovery operation is specified, the operation of $s730 and after (PLC2 communication status) differs from that with the V8 series. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L06 Component parts Fixed the defect: When a component part contains a switch with the “Word Operation” function and the device memory address specified as a constant in the device memory table is set as the [Operand Device], “Error: 46” is displayed. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L07 Error message Regarding the “Check if the settings on the counterpart station match the Network table settings.” error message, “network table” is corrected to “PLC table”. 1.200
2021/10/1 21A0L08 Ethernet Fixed the defect: When a PLC using Ethernet connection is specified, only numbers 1024 or higher can be input as the target port on the communication settings screen in Local mode. 1.200

◆Communication Driver
Date No. Item Description X1 Version
2021/10/1 21A0M01 OMRON Sysmac Fixed the defect: The communication cycle time is extended when the sysmac.tpd (V1.450 or later) driver is used. 1.560
2021/10/1 21A0M02 Panasonic LP-RF series Fixed the defect: The “PLC_CTL” macro command does not function correctly. 1.350