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Improvement information

The improvement information on X1 is published.

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◆HMI Program
Date No. Item Description X1 Version
2022/4/1 2240L01 External video output Fixed the defect: When an X1 series unit and an external video output device are connected with an HDMI cable, the edge of the image displayed on the external video output device is cut off. 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L02 Macro commands Fixed the defect: When reading/writing to PLC device memory of a V9 series unit is executed using an EREAD/EWRITE command from a V7 series unit or an earlier model, the Ethernet macro wait request execution result ($s00515) becomes ""-51"" (specified address error). 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L03 Overlap display Fixed the defect: A switch is displayed behind an overlap display in the following conditions.
- The [Draw background when switching an overlap (V8 compatible)] checkbox on the [General Setting] tab window is selected.
- A part with a frame is selected for the overlap from the [Style] menu.
- A switch is placed on that overlap display.
2022/4/1 2240L04 E-mail Fixed the defect: When an alarm message has two or more lines and parameter settings are made, the alarm message that is output to the body of an e-mail does not have a line break. 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L05 Trend graph Fixed the defect: When PLC device memory is used for each graph number of a trend graph (real time) and the trend graph is set to be displayed at all times, if there are multiple such trend graphs, screen change operations may not be possible. 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L06 Barcode Fixed the defect: When the reading prohibition flag is ON in control device memory for a barcode reader, the value read by the barcode reader is displayed in the numerical data display (Function: [Entry Display Part]). 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L07 Communication error handling Fixed the defect: When [Comm. Error Handling] is set to [Stop] and access to device memory that doesn't exist is attempted by the ladder monitor or I/O monitor, the communication error screen is displayed. 1.300
2022/4/1 2240L08 Data block Fixed the defect: When a data block is set as an entry target, ""0"" is written to the information output device memory ""n+1"" (block number) immediately after the screen is switched over. 1.300

◆Communication Driver
Date No. Item Description X1 Version
2022/4/1 2240M01 Mitsubishi Electric
Fixed the defect: The communication cycle time may be extended when the interval between PLC device memory addresses in the displayed screen is large. 1.580
2022/4/1 2240M02 Siemens
S7-1200/1500 tag (Ethernet ISOTCP)
Fixed the following defects:
(1) When reading/writing to a BOOL-type tag, access is made in units of bytes instead of bits.
(2) The error code <05> occurs when the firmware of the PLC is version 1.0.
2022/4/1 2240M03 Mitsubishi Electric
Q series (Ethernet)
Fixed the defect: Random reading may not function and depending on the number of points to access, the communication cycle time may be extended. 1.610
2022/4/1 2240M04 Siemens S7-xxx Ethernet (ISOTCP) Fixed the defect: When a screen program is transferred to a V9 series unit with system program version 2.300 or later using V-SFT version or later, the communication cycle time is extended.
- Siemens S7-300/400 Ethernet (ISOTCP)
- Siemens S7-1200/1500 (Ethernet ISOTCP)
- Siemens S7-1200/1500 tag (Ethernet ISOTCP)
- Siemens S7-200 Ethernet (ISOTCP)
2022/4/1 2240M05 Siemens
S7-1200/1500 (Ethernet ISOTCP), S7-300/400 (Ethernet ISOTCP)
Fixed the defect: When DB, I, Q, or M device memory is used for a character display, the upper- and lower-order bytes are inversely displayed. 1.430