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Improvement information

The improvement information on X1 is published.

Improvement information Improvement information list

Date of Release 2023/10/27

◆HMI Program
No. Item Description X1 Version
23A0L01 Trend graph Fixed the defect: The show/hide function does not operate when the [Use the background operation function] checkbox is selected. 1.600
23A0L02 Alarm block Fixed the defect: When a print command is executed by alarm block number 0 (no registration) for an alarm logging part (alarm block number other than 0) placed on an overlap, the V9 series unit may restart. 1.600
23A0L03 Printing Fixed the defect: When a printer (EPSON: PX-S160T) is connected by Ethernet, printing succeeds for the first attempt, but may fail for all subsequent attempts. 1.600
23A0L04 Alarm server Fixed the defect: When the setting of an alarm server is [Storage Output Settings] -> [Number of Data to Save] selected, [Output timing: After Full Capacity], the alarm bit is turned ON/OFF very frequently and the timing coincides with the timing for storage output, the V9 series unit may restart. 1.600

◆Communication Driver
No. Item Description X1 Version
23A0M01 Mobus RTU
(extended format)
Fixed the defect: When an address that is out of range is included in the extended format, a communication error occurs and communication is not possible. 1.450
For details on the update procedure,
please refer to the instructions included in the downloaded update module.