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Improvement information

The improvement information on X1 is published.

Improvement information Improvement information list

Date of Release 2023/4/27

◆HMI Program
No. Item Description X1 Version
2340L01 Logging Fixed the defect: When storage output of logging data is executed using the storage output bit and the ladder is built in the order of ""confirmation of storage output confirmation bit ON"" -> ""reset bit ON"" -> ""confirmation of reset confirmation bit ON"", the reset confirmation bit may not turn ON after the reset bit turns ON. 1.500
2340L02 Information output device memory Fixed the defect: When a V8 screen program is converted into a V9 screen program, if the relay bit turns ON, the information output device memory ""n"" is updated immediately but updating of the ""n+2"" device memory is slightly delayed. 1.500
2340L03 E-mail Fixed the defect: Emails may not be sent if using G-mail or STARTTLS. 1.500
2340L04 Switch Fixed the defect: When the lamp device memory is turned ON under specific conditions for a switch that is set to be transparent (rendering mode: XOR), the switch may be displayed in gray. 1.500
2340L05 Numerical data
Fixed the defect: The values displayed on the ""Mean Value Display"", ""Max. Display"", ""Min. Display"", and ""Total Display"" parts for a data display (logging) part cannot be cleared by pressing the switch of the ""Reset"" function. 1.500
2340L06 Pattern display Fixed the defect: When a screen program that has 17 or more languages set, if the language is switched to the 17th language or later, all pattern numbers are displayed as ""0"". 1.500

◆Communication Driver
No. Item Description X1 Version
2340M01 Fuji Electric
Fixed the defect: When using SPH5000M, ES1 and APL1 device memory cannot be specified indirectly. ・1.620
2340M02 CIMON
XP series
Fixed the defect: Communication is not possible with a 1:n connection (RS485). 1.410
For details on the update procedure,
please refer to the instructions included in the downloaded update module.