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Improvement information

The latest TELLUS and V-Server Improvement information

Improvement information Improvement information list


Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2021/11/1

No. Item Description Altered
21B0Q01 Email Fixed the defect: E-mails cannot be sent when using TELLUS-HMI.
21B0Q02 "HMI-UserEXE"
macro command
Fixed the defect: When the link destination of the TELLUS shortcut startup property is specified in the "HMI-UserEXE" macro command, the macro may not function.
21B0Q03 Confirmation
pop-up window
Fixed the defect: When a confirmation pop-up window is displayed on TELLUS or the emulator and any part of the window other than the [OK] or [Cancel] buttons is pressed, TELLUS or the emulator may become inoperable.
21B0Q04 Screen changeover Fixed the defect: When the [Apply Windows display setting to display scale.] checkbox is selected in TELLUS options and screen zoom/scroll settings are not used, TELLUS may freeze if the screen is changed over or an overlap display is shown and hidden.
21B0Q05 Logging Fixed the defect: The logging times with TELLUS-Remote may not match with the logging times with a V9 unit.
21B0Q06 Real time alarm Fixed the defect: When monitoring TELLUS-HMI using TELLUS-Remote mode, the time of a real time alarm differs between TELLUS-HMI and the TELLUS remote mode display.
21B0Q07 Offline simulation Fixed the defect: The offline simulation connection between TELLUS and SX (Standard V3) does not function when using TELLUS version
macro command
Fixed the defect: When the "TBL_WRITE" macro command is executed with respect to a table containing duplicated addresses, the written data differs from that with the V7/V8 series.
21B0Q09 Error message Regarding the "Check if the settings on the counterpart station match the Network table settings." error message, "network table" is corrected to "PLC table".
21B0Q10 Scheduler Fixed the defect: When [Time Settings] is set to [Device] on the [Trigger] tab and a [Start action] is set on the [Action] tab, if the start time is exceeded at the time of a calendar change, the scheduler does not function.
21B0Q11 GD-80 compatible Fixed the defect: When a GD-80 compatible graphic display command message is used on a message mode (direct block) part, the graphic library is not displayed.
21B0Q12 Entry Fixed the defect: When a Yaskawa MEMOBUS ([Transmission Mode] set to [Type 1] (special binary)) is connected, the input cursor remains hidden even when the write enable bit, which prohibits/allows the entry key on an entry part, turns ON.
21B0Q13 System device memory Fixed the defect: When [Comm. Error Handling] is set to [Disconnect] and a recovery operation is specified, the operation of $s730 and after (PLC2 communication status) differs from that with the V8 series.
21B0Q14 Component parts Fixed the defect: When a component part contains a switch with the "Word Operation" function and the device memory address specified as a constant in the device memory table is set as the [Operand Device], "Error: 46" is displayed.
21B0Q15 Ethernet Fixed the defect: When a PLC using Ethernet connection is specified, only numbers 1024 or higher can be input as the target port on the communication settings screen in Local mode.
Fixed the defect: The communication cycle time is extended when the sysmac.tpd (V1.450 or later) driver is used. 1.560
21B0R02 Panasonic
LP-RF series
Fixed the defect: The "PLC_CTL" macro command does not function correctly. 1.350


Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2021/11/1

No. Item Description Altered
21B0S01 Logging settings
Event settings
Fixed the following defects:
- V-Server is forcibly terminated when logging settings or event settings are opened using TELLUS version
- If using TELLUS versions or, V-Server is not forcibly terminated but device memory addresses are indicated as "???".