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Improvement information

The latest TELLUS and V-Server Improvement information

Improvement information Improvement information list


Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2022/12/20

No. Item Description Altered
22C0Q01 Message display Fixed the defect: When a monitor with a touch screen is connected to a PC using a USB cable supporting touch signals and then TELLUS 4 or the emulator is started, messages displayed when an alarm occurs are not scrolled correctly if the scroll tool is enabled for scrolling messages.
22C0Q02 HMI-USEREXE macro Fixed the defect: The ""HMI-USEREXE"" macro command, which had been functioning before, does not function from version and after.
22C0Q03 Automationdirect:Direct LOGIC Fixed the defect: Since Automationdirect's Direct LOGIC is not supported by V8 and after, if the edit model is converted from V7 to V9 and an attempt is made to start TELLUS remote mode, an error occurs and starting is not possible.
22C0Q04 Expanded data sheet Fixed the defect: When outputting a PDF of an expanded data sheet that has show/hide settings configured for text and there is text that is specified to be hidden, such text is displayed in the output PDF.
22C0Q05 Recipes Fixed the defect: Regarding the V8-compatible recipe function, when the ""Transfer PLC -> Card"" bit of the command device memory is turned ON and a recipe is written, the file may be batch-transferred even though record-based transfer is commanded.
22C0Q06 Trend sampling Fixed the defect: The V9 series unit may restart when a backup file is changed and the ""SYS (SAMPLE)"" macro is executed at the same time for a trend part.
22C0Q07 Character display Fixed the defect: When a screen that matches the following conditions is displayed regarding a character display part, the V9 series unit may restart.
- The [Designate by device] checkbox is selected at the [No. of Digits Bytes] setting.
- PLC device memory is specified for [Device to Display].
- There is no other reference to the device memory of the character display part.
22C0Q08 GD-80E/V609E compatibility Fixed the defect: When the operation area of a message item is a either a switch or lamp and the ""Mode Operation: Make messages the same as GD-80 if [Action Area] is [Switch/Lamp]"" setting is selected on the [General Settings] tab window, the message that is displayed on the switch/lamp differs from that with the V8 series.
22C0Q09 Storage transfer Fixed the defect: The progress bar is displayed although the [File] -> [Property] -> [Splash Screen] -> [Hide progress bar during startup] checkbox is selected and the screen program is transferred via storage.
22C0Q10 Switches Fixed the defect: A switch with the ""Language changeover (Device Designation)"" function does not operate correctly if a PLC device memory is specified for it.
22C0Q11 Trend graph Fixed the defect: When the control device memory (control memory) of a trend graph is ""$L"", redrawing does not function even if the control device memory is set to ""0"" with the interval timer and the redrawing bit of the trend graph is turned ON using a switch macro.
22C0R01 Allen-Bradley MicroLogix (Ethernet TCP/IP) Fixed the defect: When multiple V9 series units are connected to a PLC at the same time, the V9 series units freeze. 1.450
22C0R02 OMRON NJ series (Ethernet/IP) Fixed the defect: When a screen that does not communicate with the PLC is displayed for eight seconds or longer and then a screen that communicates with the PLC is displayed, it takes 10 or more seconds for all items of that screen to be displayed. 1.420
22C0R03 Azbil AHC2001 Fixed the defect: When a screen program with Azbil's AHC2001 (signal level RS-232C) specified is transferred to a V9 series unit, the ""Signal Level"" indicated on the Local mode screen becomes blank. 1.560
22C0R04 Yaskawa Electric MP3000 Ethernet Fixed the defect: When a communication timeout error occurs when communication was normal, communication cannot be reestablished even if retried. 1.410


Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2022/12/20

No. Item Description Altered
22C0S01 Screen program transfer Fixed the defect: V-Server is forcefully terminated if a V8, TS, or TELLUS version 3 screen program that uses a custom bitmap file is transferred.
22C0S02 Recipe function Fixed the defect: When a file that is referenced by the recipe function of V-Server is changed on a Windows 7 PC, the ""The file name is not correct."" error occurs.
22C0S03 Reading server information Fixed the defect: When a V9 series unit is used as a surveillance monitor and reading of server information to a database is executed, the information of the logging server cannot be acquired correctly.
22C0S04 Project file Improvement: When an attempt is made to open an invalid project, a warning message is now displayed and the file cannot be opened.