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Improvement information

Improvement information

Improvement information Improvement information list

V-SFT-5 Ver. → Ver. Date of Release 2021/11/15

◆Configuration Software
No Item Description V6 V7 TS/
21B0A01 Windows fonts Fixed the defect: When a screen program that was created on any language operating system other than Japanese uses a Windows font that is not supported by a Japanese language operating system, no warning is displayed when that screen program is then opened on a Japanese language operating system.
21B0A02 Attribute setting Fixed the defect: When a V7 screen program is converted into a V8 screen program, the data type on the [Discrete memory/CSV format] tab window differs from the original attribute setting.
21B0A03 Screen list Fixed the defect: When the screen list is displayed using version, the comment of each screen is not displayed.
21B0A04 Edit model change Fixed the defect: When the MONITOUCH model is changed to TS2060, the PLC2 settings are not converted correctly.
21B0A05 Emulator Fixed the defect: When an attempt is made to run a screen program containing the "WR_RECIPE_LINE" macro command using the emulator, "Runtime Error" is displayed and the screen program does not start.

◆TS/V8 series: System Program
No Item Description Altered Ver.
21B0B01 Overlap Fixed the defect: When a multi-overlap display change and changing of the show/hide status of an item on an overlap are executed at the same time by an external command, the overlap display may not change correctly. 2.390
21B0B02 Error message The English error message that is displayed when an "Error: 20" occurs is corrected. 2.390
21B0B03 Data sampling Fixed the defect: When STRING type device memory is specified for a data sampling part (display type: character display), the text may not be displayed correctly. 2.390
21B0B04 Screen program error Fixed the defect: The "Error: 36" may be displayed on the TS1000S series when the following OR conditions are used.
(1) Turn the power OFF -> ON after transferring only the I/F driver or the SRAM data.
(2) After the power is turned ON, turn the power OFF -> ON when 6 to 8 seconds elapse.

◆TS/V8 series: Communication Driver
No Item Description Altered Ver.
21B0C01 Universal PROFIBUS
Fixed the defect: When the read/write area is used for PROFIBUS PI and PO, the display may automatically change to Screen No. 0 even though the value in the read area is not changed. 1.030
21B0C02 Panasonic
LP-RF series
Fixed the defect: The "PLC_CTL" macro command may not function correctly. 1.020