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Discontinued Models

Thank your for using our products. We have ended the sale of the below models. We can repair these models for seven years after the end of sale.

*It may be difficult to get the parts in some cases. Please contact Overseas Sales Section for repair.

Discontinued Models

Model End of order End of sale End of repair
CD-40H Aug. 1995 Aug. 2002
GD-43E Aug. 1995 Aug. 2002
GD-64L Aug. 1995 Aug. 2002
GD-64E/P June 1998 June 2005
GD-65L Aug. 1995 Aug. 2002
GD-65E/P June 1998 June 2005
GD-80T June 2000 June 2007
GD-80EH/E0 Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
GD-80SE/SL Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
GD-81SC/SW/SB/SH Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
V4T/C/B/W/H Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
V4SC/SB/SW Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
V612C10/11/20/21 Mar. 2001 Mar. 2008
V608C Sept. 2003 Sept. 2010
V610S Sept. 2003 Sept. 2010
V610T/V612T(Analog) Sept. 2003 Sept. 2010
V610C July 2004 July 2011
V610T/V612T(Matrix) July 2004 July 2011
V606C/M Sept. 2005 Sept. 2012
V606iT/C/M Oct. 2008 Oct. 2015
V609E Oct. 2009 Oct. 2016
V608CH Sept.2011 Sept.2018
V708CD Sept.2011 Sept.2018
V715/V712/V710/V708S/V706 Mar.2013 Mar.2020
V606e Mar.2017 Sept.2017 Sept.2024
S806 Mar.2017 Sept.2017 Sept.2024
V8/V8N Mar.2017 Sept.2017 Sept.2024

*Please contact our Overseas Sales Section for the optional units or accessories of the above models.

Replacement Guidance

These documents explains about replacement models of previous models which have already been terminated.

Please click the image of the Monitouch to start downloading.

V9 Replacement

V7 Series→V9 Series

V8 Series→V9 Series

TS Replacement




V8 Replacement

GD-80 Series→V8 Series

V4 Series→V8 Series

V6 Series→V8 Series

V7 Series→V8 Series

*For further details about the restrictions when converting the screen programs, please refer to "File Conversion Manual".