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Application Example

MONITOUCH V9 series: Introducing V9xxxixD-U800

About Explosion Proof

MONITOUCH V9 series (non-incendive model) is classified as “Type n” and it complies with Zone2.

What is explosion-proof equipment?

In hazardous locations where flammable or pyrophoric gases are released, such as oil refineries and chemical plants, it is necessary to use explosion-proof equipment that is equipped with measures to prevent ignition and explosion. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)*1 introduced IECEx,
a system for testing compliance with explosion-proof equipment standards, in 1996. In hazardous locations, explosion-proof equipment that complies with the standard must be used.

What is explosion-proof equipment?

In atmospheres where flammable or pyrophoric gases may be present, explosion-proof equipment should be used.

*1 International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the organization for the preparation
and publication of international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.
There are 89 member countries worldwide (as of October 2020).

What are hazardous areas?

Hazardous areas are classified into 3 zones based on the explosion risk by IEC60079.

An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods.
(Above the liquid level of combustible gas, etc.)
An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur occasionally in normal operation.
(Gas and steam discharge areas and near injection openings)
An area which becomes hazardous in case of an accident or some unusual operating condition and is close to Zone1.

What are hazardous areas?

MONITOUCH V9 Series: Non-incendive (Type n) Model *2


MONITOUCH V9 series (non-incendive model) is complied with the IECEx international standard, Taiwan TS Mark, and Korea KCs certification *3.

Corresponding certification


Install in an explosion-proof certified enclosure with appropriate explosion-proof construction, such as
Ex ec IIC Gc, Ex eb IIC Gc, and Ex nA IIC Gc.
Each country may have its own certification system (explosion-proof, EMC, etc.). Please check the
certification system of each country before using the product.

IECEx definition

According to the definition of IECEx, MONITOUCH V9 series (non-incendive model) is described as below.

Ex nA IIc T5 Gc

Ex : Type of protection
nA : Non-incendive
IIc : Explosive gas class 3 or lower
T5 : Temperature class – Permissible surface temperature 100 degree C
Gc : Zone2

Industries in demand

Oil and Gas Industry Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
Oil and Gas Industry Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
- Oil and gas refineries  - Oil complexes - Pharmaceutical factories  - Paint factories
- Gas storage tanks - Chemical fertilizer Plants
- Oil and gas supply facilities - Soap and detergent factories
- Oil and gas power plants  
Manufacturing Industry Semiconductor Industry
Manufacturing Industry Semiconductor Industry
- Rubber product manufacturing plants Semiconductor manufacturing plants
- Automobile plants - Cleaning process
- Plastic product manufacturing plants - Film deposition process
- Printing factories - Resist coating
  - Etching process
  - Resist stripping process

In addition, explosion-proof equipment is required in various places, such as where volatile solvents
are present (stored) and the volatilized gas becomes flammable.

Precautions for MONITOUCH V9 series (Non-incendive model)

- Mounting angle is 90 degrees.
- Audio port cannot be used. (Usable except Zone2)
- 8 mounting brackets are required for the installation of V9120iSD-U800. (4pcs for standard model)

MONITOUCH Application Introductions


PDF file output function (Extended data sheet printing)
It is possible to save the pre-defined format as PDF file into an SD card.
You can place numerical displays of PLC values, graphs and images in the printing format.

Page insertion option is available to output in one file. (First in industry) (*4)
Direct printing from a network printer is also possible.

MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 70: V9 series - FTP client function
MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 92: Improving Operation by Outputting PDFs Using the V9 Series Data Sheet Screen
MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 94: V9 Series Network Printer Function

*4 According to our own research.

Monitoring by tablet devices

VNC server function
VNC server function is equipped in all V9 models as standard, so no additional license is required.

You can monitor and operate V9 series from a remote location by installing a VNC client app on a tablet
device. (Operation can be prohibited by settings)

MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 121: V9 Ethernet application idea

Remote monitoring

VPN server function
VPN router function is built in all V9 models as standard.
“Easy”, “low cost” and “safe and secure” remote access can be established.

By using routing function, remote connection with PLC or other devices connected to V9 series via
Ethernet is also available.

MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 48: V9 series - VPN feature (Part1)
MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 50: V9 series - Web Machine Interface (VPN Remote Access Service)
MONITOUCH EXPRESS Issue No. 77: V9 series - Remote Maintenance