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Expandability compatible with Ethernet

V8 networking promotes the integration of sales,
production management and manufacturing at low cost.

Reinforcing your production management through connection to the database

MES* interface function

Available in spring 2008

The data for production records, defect quantity, error causes and various kinds of information can be sent to the MES database server via V-Server in SQL. Communication with the database is possible without the gateway PC or complicated programming.


No Programming Required

Data can be saved in the database server simply by simple V-SFT  no programming is required.

Preventing data loss

All data transffered to the database is saved with the error log so that it is completely secure.

Decreasing system load

Data can be transferred to the database server when conditions are fulfilled. The server does not need to keep monitoring production, so the load on the system can be decreased.

* [MES]: The "Manufacturing Execution System" is for optimizing product quality, product quantity, delivery date, cost, etc. in the management/control of production sites.

Extended functions using Ethernet

FTP Server FunctionAvailable in spring 2008

The upstream PCs can read/write the data from/on V8. The data is transmitted in universal communication protocol and no additional application software is necessary.

Remote Desktop FunctionAvailable in summer 2008

The screen of the server PC can be displayed on V8 via Ethernet. Operation manuals saved in the PC can be checked on V8,which is a feature that decreases operation errors.

Replay of Web Camera Images (Motion JPEG)Available in spring 2008

Images taken by a web camera or saved in JPEG files can be replayed on V8. This function helps to monitor the entire production line.

Web BrowserAvailable in spring 2008

HTML files or image files can be browsed on the Internet.