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Webinar Video: Functions Relevant to Part11

This introduces the functions, operability, and other features of MONITOUCH in videos.


Introduction to functions relevant to Part11 of MONITOUCH.

This provides an outline of Part11, basic functions of MONITOUCH, and functions related to Part11 of the V9 series.
It gives an overview of the functions that can be achieved with MONITOUCH for the items required in Part11.
Part11 movie

Demo application

1. PDF file output (electronic signature function)

This introduces the PDF file output, page addition function, and electronic signature function.
Since a series of flows can be saved in a single file, the number of man-hours for validation can be reduced.
PDF Output

2. Prevention of data falsification (saving in a BIN file)

This describes the functions for saving logging data in a BIN file.
Even if the BIN file is opened after saving, it cannot be easily analyzed, thus preventing data tampering.
Output data in binary format

3. Audit trail management (operation log function)

This describes audit trail management using the operation log function.
You can refer to the history of who/when/what/how the operation was performed.
Operation Log

4. Security (component parts basic function)

This describes password management, auto logout function, and unauthorized login protection function.
Security measures can be taken to prevent unauthorized operations due to operators forgetting to log out and unauthorized logins.