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New V-SFT for easy screen configuration

  • Configuration of
    Easy-to-view Screens
  • Upgraded
  • Facilitation of
    Screen Configuration

Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

The number of picture icons has been increased, and the icons with plain design have been added.
Pick from the wide range of ready-made icons for sophisticated representation.


Simple icons added

Popular simple icons that are used widely on smartphones have been introduced.


Increased picture icons

The number of the picture icons has been increased.


Upgraded Operability

Ribbon Menu

The ribbon-shaped menu bar is available. Enlarged icons are easily visible also improves the operability remarkably.


Ladder Diagram for Interlock

Interlocking operations can be set on the ladder diagram, which makes it easy to grasp the settings and set multiple conditions.


Graphic Indication of System Configuration

The improved hardware setting screen makes it easy to grasp exactly how devices are connected together in the system.


Docking Windows

The project view windows and item view windows can be docked or floated easily.


Integration of Search menu

The search menu, which used to be displayed separately, have now been integrated for easy operation.


Facilitation of Screen Configuration

Guided Setting Process

With the help of the clear instructions in the dialog, setting can be conducted smoothly and collectively.


A Wider Range of Colors for Component Parts

65,536 colors are available for components parts.


Visualization of Setting

Set conditions can be confirmed on the preview screen before completing setting. By switching the preview screen and setting dialog, the setting can be confirmed easily even on a PC with low resolution.