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Features of TS1000Smart Series

  • Versatile Functions
  • Ethernet Functions
  • Configuration Software [V-SFT]


Lineup of Usability Enhancing Features

018-Way Communication

Connect up to eight types of PLC or other devices of various models from multiple manufactures at the same time via both an Ethernet and serial connection.

TS1000Smart series Functions

* With TS1070S, up to 3 models can be connected.

02Expanded Connectivity

● USB port (USB Ver. 2.0 compatible)

USB port is built-in standard. Use the Type A and Type mini-B to connect to a wide range of devices.

TS1000Smart series Functions

● Ladder transfer

Monitor, read and write in the ladder program by computer via TS1000 Smart.
Choose from either Ethernet or USB to connect between the computer and TS1000 Smart.

TS1000Smart series Functions

03Trend Sampling

TS1000 Smart series chronologically records a broad-range of data that changes over time to display as trend graphs.

● Enlarged Display Support

Enlarge the display for a particular area of the screen to verify changing waveforms of trend graphs in even more detail.

TS1000Smart series Functions

04Security Function

By setting a function limit according to the user level, a high-security environment can be established.


05Operation Log

Record chronological on-screen input, from switch operations to numerical inputs. Combine the operation log with security features and review attribution information to assist in identifying the cause of errors as well as aid in other diagnostics.



Easily toggle between up to 16 on-screen languages from a single screen to eliminate the need to sort and manage files for each language.

Compatible fonts:
Japanese, English/Western Europe, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Korean, central European alphabets, Cyrillic alphabets, Greek,Turkish, and Baltic alphabets

Ethernet Functions(TS1070Si/TS1100Si Only)

A Wealth of Network Features to Connect via Ethernet

01VNC Server

Easily setup the VNC viewer tool on a computer to monitor and operate TS1000 Smart screens on the factory floor via the same computer over Ethernet connection.
In addition, monitoring and operations can be easily conducted from a tablet device over wireless router.

TS1000Smart series Functions

02Remote Desktop*

Connect via Ethernet to display and operate the server directly using TS1000 Smart.

TS1000Smart series Functions

03Remote Maintenance

Use the TELLUS application software to easily monitor and operate TS1000 Smart screen and PLC information remotely at low cost.

TS1000Smart series Functions

04FTP Server

Use FTP client tools on a computer to read and write to USB memory mounted on TS1000 Smart.


05Network Camera

Display video from a network camera connected via Ethernet with TS1000 Smart. TS1000 Smart can also monitor factory floors.


06MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

Collect broad information to store in the server database from production performance to defects and the causes of stoppages with TS1000 Smart through the V-Server.


Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

Achieve Sleeker Screens with Simple,Easy-to-Understand Operations

01Sophisticated Line-up of Icons

V-SFT Ver. 6 offers real sign icons as well as plain icons that allow users to easily create more sophisticated screens than ever before.

TS1000Smart Series series Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

Plain Icons

A wide range of icon designs have been newly added with a design that closely resembles smartphones and other familiar devices.

TS1000Smart Series series Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

Real Icons

V-SFT expands conventional real icons even further.

TS1000Smart Series series Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

02Expands Interlock Settings

Set the interlock via the ladder diagram display. The condition settings are easy to understand and convenient even when setting multiple conditions.

TS1000Smart Series series Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

03Supports Graphs with Tool Hints

Comprehensive tool hints throughout support the creation of graphs. Easily know how to specify the settings without having to turn to the manual by simply moving the mouse close to a setting to automatically display a supplementary description.

TS1000Smart Series series Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens

04Supports Conversion from the TS1000 Series

Screen data from previous models created in an older version of V-SFT can be converted as is to data for the current model. This allows anyone to leverage their screen data assets from previous models.


05Intuitively Grasp the Connection Device Configuration

The visual representation of the hardware settings make clear the devices connected to the TS1000 Smart.