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Two screens can be used simultaneously, each with independent display and operation. A different screen can be displayed on a large external monitor, or 2-split screen is available.
Since the X1 series display and the external display can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode, setups matching the on-site environment and space are possible.

Multi-display function Usage example

Andon monitor display

Andon monitor display It’s possible to visualize the operating status of equipment and share information by displaying details such as production plans and results on an Andon monitor (large display) connected via an HDMI cable.
There is no need to prepare a computer for the Andon display; the X1 series alone can display and operate as an HMI as well as display information on an Andon monitor.

2-split screen

2-split screen Two X1 applications (main & sub) can be run on the X1 series and displayed and operated on the same screen simultaneously by splitting the screen horizontally or vertically.
In addition to displaying data from the same or a different screen, it also supports the display of user applications such as engineering tools, displaying information with a high degree of density and freedom.

Expansion of the display / operation screen

Expansion of the display and operation screen. To improve work efficiency, the amount of information that can be checked at one time can be increased by using the X1 series with an external display.
Touch operation is also possible on external displays with a touch switch, via connection using a USB cable.
One X1 series unit can be used for HMI display and operation equivalent to two units.