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Enhanced Display Capacity

TrueType Fonts for Clear Expression

TrueType fonts have been added, and the new anti-aliasing function ensures clear expression. There is no need to worry about memory capacity, because TrueType fonts need less memory compared with Windows fonts.


7-segment Fonts for Realistic Expression

7-segment fonts allow for realistic, highly visible expression of measuring instruments.


Beautiful and Practical Icons

The number of optional icons has been more beautiful and easy-to-understand. The icons are PNG files, so there is no worry about the display capacity.


Versatile Screen Transition Functions

15 kinds*5 of functions are available for screen switching and overlapping.

  1. *5: Four types for overlapping windows.

Improved 3D Parts Enlargement Function

The form of 3D parts are remained even when they are enlarged.*6

  1. *6: Only square switches / lamps.

Compatible with Vertical Placement

The screen can also be displayed and edited while the panel is placed vertically (by left or right turning).