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Product information page of Programmable Display V9100iS Series


  • 12inches
  • TFT
  • 16.7M color
  • SVGA
  • 3ch serial
  • SD I/F
  • A/mini B USB
  • COM I/F
  • LAN 1ch
  • Audio
  • Video option
  • RGB option

V9100iS series


  • AC power


  • DC power

V9100iSB series


  • AC power


  • DC power
  • Product
  • Interface / Dimensions and Part Names
  • System
  • Model

Dimensions and Part Names

Power supplyRated voltage100-240V AC/ 24V DC
Permissible range of voltageAC: -15%, +10%/ DC: ±10%
Permissible momentary power failureAC within 20ms, DC within 1ms
Demand (maximum rating)AC: 70VA or less/ DC: 28W or less
Insulation resistanceDC500V 10MΩ or more
Physical environmentAmbient temperature0~50℃ *1
Ambient humidity85%RH or less (without dew condensation) *1
Operation altitude2,000 meters or lower
AtmosphereNot to be exposed to corrosive gas, or conductive dust
Storage temperature-10~60℃ *1
Storage humidity85%RH or less (without dew condensation) *1
Overvoltage categoryCategory II
Pollution degreePollution degree 2
Mechanical operating conditionsResistance to oscillationComplies with JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Vibration frequency: 5-9Hz, pulsating with:3.5mm,
9-150Hz, Acceleration: 9.8m/s2(1G),X,Y,Z: 3 directions (10 times each)
Resistance to shockComplies with JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Peak acceleration: 147m/s2(15G), X,Y,Z:
3 directions, three times each (18 times in total)
Electric operating conditionsResistance to noiseNoise voltage: 1,500Vp-p, pulse width: 1μs, pulse rise time: 1ns
Resistance to static dischargeComplies with IEC61000-4-2, contact: 6kV, air: 8kV
Installation conditionsGroundingGrounding resistance: Less than 100Ω, FG/SG separation
StructureFront panel:Complies with IP66, Type 4X/13 *2 (when waterproof gasket is installed)
Rear cover:Complies with IP20
Form: Single unit, Installation method: Panel mounting
Cooling systemNatural air cooling
Dimensions W*H*D(mm)303.8×231.0×54.0
Panel cutout (mm)289.0×216.2(+0.5/-0)
Case colorLight gray
(black front housing for black model)
MaterialPC resin
  • *1: Use at a wet-bulb temperature of 39°C or less because higher temperatures may cause failure.

Performance Specifications

Screen memory (FROM)64MB
Backup memory (SRAM)800KB
DisplayDisplay deviceTFT color LCD
Display size10.4″
Colors16.7 million *3
Backlight life70,000 hours
Touch switchTypeAnalog resistance film
Function switchQuantity8
External interfaceD-Sub 9-pin (CN1)RS-232C/ RS-485(2-wire system)/ RS-422(4-wire system),
Asynchronous type, Data length: 7,8 bits, Parity: even, odd, none,
Stop bit: 1, 2 bits, Baud rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, 187500 *4bps
Modular 8-pin
RS-232C/ RS-485(2-wire system), Asynchronous type,
Data length: 7,8 bits, Parity: even, odd, none, Stop bit: 1, 2 bits,
Baud rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200 bps
SD cardOne card slot provided as standard
Baud rate: 100Mbps,
Wireless LAN *5Complies with IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
USBType A,Type mini-B(Ver.2.0)
Sound output1ch provided as standard
ClockBackup period5 years (Ambient temperature 25°C)
Calendar accuracyGap ±90 sec. per month (Ambient temperature 25°C, when power is not supplied)
StandardCE marking *6EN61000-6-2、EN61000-6-4 *8
UL・cUL *6UL61010-1、UL61010-2-201 *7、ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 *2
KC *8*9Compliant
Radio Act *5Japan: TELEC
Classification Standard *6*8*10Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • *2: DC products only. Hardware of Ver. b or later.
  • *3: For displaying pictures, 3D parts,video, and RGB input (excluding high-speed mode) only. Other parts are displayed in 65,536 colors.
  • *4: Only for Siemens MPI (Incompatible with DUR-00).
  • *5: Wireless LAN-compatible products only.
  • *6: DC products only.
  • *7: Only for Hardware Ver. f or later. Applicable standard for Hardware Ver. a to e is UL 508.
  • *8: Wireless LAN compatible products are not supported.
  • *9: Black model not certified
  • *10: Hardware Ver. c or higher.

Dimensions and Part Names

(Unit: mm)

Side viewFront viewRear view
Side viewFront viewRear view
Bottom viewPanel cutout
Bottom viewPanel cutout
Part Names
  1. 1Display
  2. 2Function switch
  3. 3Power lamp
  4. 4Communication unit connector (EXT1)
  5. 5Fall prevention hook
  6. 6Optional unit connector (EXT2)
  7. 7SD card access LED
  8. 8Battery holder
  9. 9DIP switch
  10. 10USB cable holding hole
  11. 11SD card connector
  1. 12Sound output connector (AUDIO)
  2. 13Power input terminal block
  3. 14Modular jack 1 (MJ1)
  4. 15Modular jack 2 (MJ2)
  5. 16PLC connector (CN1)
  6. 17100BASE-TX/10BASE-T port (LAN)
  7. 18USB-A(U-A)
  8. 19USB mini-B(U-B)
  9. 20Screw hole

System Configuration


Standard Model

Standard Model