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Display Features

High-resolution, high-speed video display greatly facilitates operation.

High-resolution Display

65,536 colors *1
(32,768 colors with blinks)


High-resolution display of 65,536 colors without blinks and 32,768 colors with blinks enables clear display of JPG and BMP images. Realistic appearance of photos, illustrations and 3D parts improves visibility and makes it easy for operators to quickly grasp the conditions.

*1 Except V806iMDN/V806MDN

High-level images are displayed in real time without missing any information

Display of 30 fps video images in 16 million colors *2

“First in Industry!”

High-speed displaying of 30 frames per second is possible. Even displays for production of a short tact time can be made without any delay.


Monochrome display with 256 gradations *2

Monochrome images that are often used by image processor can be displayed more clearly. The reproduction capacity for gradation and pattern-indented surfaces has been drastically improved.


*2 For V808iSDN, 260,000-color displays and 64-gradation monochrome displays are possible.

Clear, and smooth letters

The stroke font can be displayed to appear smooth even for magnified characters.

The stroke font is defined by lines. Since it does not depend on the resolution of the device, which is different from the bitmap font, fonts can be magnified or shrunk freely. Unicode enables you to edit the project in various languages.

LanguageBitmap fontStroke font

Gothic(IBM extension)
Gothic (Mincho)
Traditional Chinese×*
Simplified Chinese×*
Central European×*

* Scheduled to support sequentially